Год производства: 2019 г.
Жанр: Transsexual Gonzo Hardcore Anal
В ролях: Pierce Paris, Kayleigh Coxx
Описание: Vanessa (Casey Kisses) lost her job after being caught having sex with one her patients. She now has no choice and she decides to use her knowledge of anatomy to teach in a night class. Her first day went well, the class is receptive to her and some of the students are cute, like Sam (Dante Colle). On the first day, she's already putting herself at risk, already picking favorites. On the other hand, Frank (Pierce Paris) finds the new teacher very attractive and is really vocal about it. Sam loves his friend, but he knows how annoying he can be sometimes, especially when he talks about women. After class Frank brags about his date for tonight, another classmate name Stacy (Kayleigh Coxx). The date goes very well for Frank and he ends the night in Stacy's apartment. Obliviously, Stacy points out how he was not paying attention to her and he was more focus on the new teacher, but Frank is a natural born sweet talker and manages the situation like a pro. Frank knows exactly what to do to make her forgive him.
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